Come to Earth II

Come to the new SUPER EARTH!

About the planet!

This planet is called Gliese 185 G. We have re-named it to Earth II because this will be your new home. It is approximately 20.3 light years away!
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Fun Facts about Earth II

Earth II does not have any moons or rings! The length of one day is unknown. The force of gravity is 38.416 m/s^2. You will weigh 4225.76 pounds on Earth II if you weigh 110 pounds on Earth I. Earth II is 22 million km away from its sun.
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Explaining the pictures

The first picture is an artist's drawing of Earth II and it is unknown the way in looks. Picture number two is another artist's drawing of what it would look like on Earth II. Yet again this is unconfirmed. The third picture is the same thing as the first just a different artist's perspective. This is also unconfirmed.

3 More interesting facts

1. It is sooo cold on my planet. The average temperature is 0°F!

2. Its sun is only 31% the size of our sun!

3. Astronomers aren't even sure if this planet exist!

3 problems that you could experience on Earth II

1. Frost bite since it will be so cold we will have a greater chance for frost bite.

2. We dont know if the reproduction of humans will be the same.

3. There could be other species already on this planet.

How to overcome these issues

1. Wear and make the warmest clothes known to man.

2. There is only one way to find out we need to have someone test it out first.

3. We can just live along side these species and mund our own business.