Housing in Singapore

Past , present and furture

Singapore's Housing in the Past

Most of the people we interviewed lived in Tiong Bahru very long some live there for 4 years ,30 years,43 years and 50 years. Most of of the people live there as the shops and houses is cheaper last time, and is more convenient. As Tiong Bahru is a very popular place , and most of the tourists went there to visit and understand more of how it is builded. Tiong Bahru is a place where they can reach their destination easier by just walking for a while. Some of them say that they do not want to move to other estate as it is very precious to some of them.

Singapore's Housing in the Present

The housing estate in Singapore is more developed now as there is more high-rise bulidings such as HDBs, executive condominium and malls and facilities. There is more shopping malls in Singapore now than in the past. Now, Singapore is a more cleaner and greener city.

Singapore's Housing in the Furture

As we are getting more and more develop in areas like technology, designs and invention on housing and building of housings. The government tried not to destroy the housing in the past , so they kept some old buildings as attrative places for tourists to visit. They might have all places in Singapore on a floating platforms. They also might make more land to build more facilities for people who live in Singapore in the future. We also might have a more cleaner and greener Singapore.
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