Primary Beliefs and Gods

* Hindus believe in more than one God. They believe in creators who is both transcendent and has a ummanifest reality.

*They believe that the world goes through big, endless cycles of creation, preservation, and dissolution.

*They believe that paths people take are facets on Gods light, deserving understanding and tolerance.

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*Ayruveda: Ancient Hindu system of healing the sick has become popular in the west for them.

*Puja: Religious ritual in which some Hindus practice every morning after getting ready for the day, but before they eat or have anything to drink.

*Idol worshipping: They worship idols

Sacred Texts

The four Vedas: Upanishads, Puranas, The Epics, and the Bhagavad Gita.



Date of Origin

1500 B.C

Historic Events

Assassination of Gandhi

Important rituals/ dates/ celebrations

A lot of Hindus are based on, or are dedicated to a certain God.

*Diwalii "Festival of Lights"- celebrates good or evil.

*Holi- Early in March, celebrates the arrival of spring.

*Pongal- Celebrates the harvest.


When someone dies, they believe they will get born into a new body. The cycle of life and death ends for them when a soul realizes its true nature from the God, Brahman.

Current Adherents Worldwide/Geographic Distribution/Statistics

HInduism is the 3rd largest practiced religion. It has about 950 million followers, which is 14% of the global population.

Interesting Facts

  • Hindus arrived in Minnesota during the 1950s-1970s to have a better education and look for professional training

  • Oldest religion among religions today

  • Cows are sacred animals

  • The number 12 is significant