Abraham Lincoln

Upbringing - presidential election

Frontier Upbringing/ Parents influence

-Born in 1908 in one room cabin

-Born in Kentucky

-Born into poor family

-Parents were poor

-Parents didn’t own slaves

-Mother was very religious

Early Politics/Congress

-Moved to New Salem (ill)

-Ran for seat in state legislature.

-Lincoln won two years later.

-Studied law and became licensed.

-Retired from legislature.

-1846 he ran for congress.

-Gained attention by challenging president.

-Proposed compensation emancipation.

-In 1849 retired from congress

Lincoln and Douglas/ A house divided

-Kansas-Nebraska act brought out of retirement.

-Opposed Douglas on slavery.

-Elected to State Legislature.

Resigned to run for Senate

-Lincoln began to run as republican.

-1858 opposed Douglass’s third bid.

-Gave most important speech of career.

Turns into Lincoln-Douglas debates

Election on 1860

-Douglas and Lincoln face off.-Douglas wins nomination.-Lincoln not favored to win nomination-Lincoln ends up winning nomination-Lincoln-Douglas battle in Northern states.-Lincoln not on southern ballots.-Split in democratic party helped Lincoln-Lincoln wins!
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