Sampat Shaniwar

at Shani mandir, Wagholi - 2nd August, 2014.

Shravani Shaniwar celebrated at shani mandir, wagholi

Saturday (Shravani Shaniwar) - This day is dedicated to ‘Shani’ or Saturn. On this day, devotees of Lord Shani pray to the Lord to wipe away their misfortunes and misgivings. It is also called as ‘Sampat Shaniwar’ as it is widely believed that Lord Shani showers blessings on devotees especially that of prosperity and wealth.


Morning 5.30 am - Shani Puja and Hum/Hawan.

Morning 11.30 am - Mahaprasad.

Evening - Deepotsav

whole day religious rituals would be conducted.

For More Details Contact :

Jaywant Naik (mama) - +91 9011667788