Will Smith

By Kuper Scott

Will Smith Accomplishments

Will Smith was born in 1968, September 25. He is a American actor, producer, rapper, and song writer. He has been called the most powerful Hollywood actor and The Fresh Prince. He has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and won four Grammy Awards. His net worth is 250 million.

Important Life Experinces

Important Life Experinces November 6, 1990 starred in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and thats when he became famous. November 11,1992 his son Trey Smith was born. July 8, 1998 his son Jaden Smith was born. October 31, 2000. His daughter Willow Smith was born. He had been married to Sheree Zampino for 3 years then got a divorce. The he married Jada Pinkett Smith and they are still married.

His Popular Tv show and Movies

He has alot of hits like I,Robot . But im going to tell you his greatest. He Has The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which is my personal favorite. He has Pursuit of Happyness, I am Legend, After Earth, Ali, Hancock, ATL, and more.
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Will Smith is hardworking

Will makes music, he is a actor, producer, even a father of three kids. I sure know I couldn't do that. He probaly making a movie one day rapping the other and produce the next and he still has to go home and take care of his kids. He life is pretty busy. So he has to work hard.

Will Smith is charismatic

Will is charismatic because when he goes places lots of people probably want to talk to him. So he has to talk to everyone so he doesn't lose his good reputation. He probably likes talking to his fans anyway. He also has to smile at everyone. So he is pretty charismatic under my perspective

Will Smith is funny

I've seen his movies and his TV show there is always one time where I laugh in any movie or episode. He has probably made scrips for movies. And acted in a lot of those. He is probably one of the top 10 funniest actors there is.
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