Washington is an amazing state with wonderful things to offer. You will learn about some of the state fun facts, resources, location, and places to visit. I hope you learned a lot about my state.


Washington has many cool facts such as state motto,fish and famous people. This cool state has a state motto. It called allkyi. Did you know that it means by and by? The state fish is the steel head. It lives in Pacific Ocen. This states famous person is George washington.And the states name is washington. The motto,fish and a very famous peson are just some of washingtons state fact.
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Washington has many reources including crop and manufacture products. Some crops that Washington people grow are apples sweet cherries and green beans. If you go to Washington you will pass through apple trees and sweet cherry tree. Some of Washington manufacture are airplanes and computer sofuere. If you go to Wshington you will see lots of airplanes. crop and manufacturing are two resources that Washington has plenty of.


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Washington is located in the top left corner. Did you now that Canada is north of Washington. the Water that Borders my state is the Pacific Ocean. And did you know that Washington is the northwest corner of USA. Washington is a cool state because it is located in the top left corner and near Canada and the Pacific Ocean.
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Fun places to visit

Washington has many fun places to visit such as cape dishpaten lighthouse and the space needle.The lighthouse is a place that people can visitors can see what it was back then. Next place you can see in the place you can see is the space needle people can go there to visit and see what space looked like. Diuppasthent lighthouse and The space needleare just some things you can see when you are at Washington.
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Washington is a awsome place to visit. I have told you about a few of my state fun facts, resources, location, and places to visit i hop you come to Washington.