Unicorn's Animal Sanctuary

Come visit and view all of our exotic and majestic animals!

Come and see all of the amazing animal habitats!

Our koala habitat is amazing! You can view the cuddly creatures in habitat number one, as they are our most viewed animals. They feel right at home under the eucalyptus trees and bushland habitat.
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Get a look at our marine life!

Our dolphins are fun, splashing mammals and enjoy playing in the sun. Guess what? Come and help feed the dolphins at 12:00pm to 1:00pm on saturdays- for free!
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Come and share the love!


Our newest addition to the animal family will be coming this June for a limited time only! Come see our new White-bred Unicorns!

Unicorn's animal Sanctuary

Come visit us and share the love! We support the Save The Unicorns! foundation for endangered species.


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