The nervous system

Brain,Spinal cord,Nerves,And Neurons


We are going to be talking about the nervous system,and how it affecs the human body.

The Brain,Spinal Cord,And Neurons

In the human body there are exactly 33 nerves that conect to the brain.The brain and the spinal cord controls the neurons.900000 neurons form the brain imagen how much that is.Inpolses are sent to the brain and the spinal cord in every part of your body.Your brain holds all your memorys, thats how you remember most things.If your woudering what are neurons then watch this video.
Understanding Neurons -Video for Middle School students


Nerves are one of the inportant system in your body.Nerves carry information from the organs to the body reports to the central nerves system for processing.The nerves send messages to your brain thats how you know what to do.Some of your nerves last a life time.The nerves signal has a strength of 0.1 volts.


ALS is a sickness wich contains your arms,legs,and head.Als attacks the nerve cells(neurons).Scientest do not know what causes ALS.But ALS is not contages. sometimes you will get it when your older.When you have ALS you will not beabel to control your body.You can often die because you can not swolow or chew.