to a new school year at Franklin!

Hello Students,

We are so excited to meet you! Keep reading to learn important info about getting started this year!

T 9/5: First Student Day

T 9/12: Open House @ 6:30pm

W 9/13: Early Dismissal

M 9/25: Yom Kippur - School Closed

F 10/6: Progress Reports

10/13-10/16: Fall Break

Expectations for Middle School

Franklin CARES

Franklin Middle School is a safe place where students and staff are empowered to engage fully in the learning process and experience success together.

Click here to learn all about our SWPBIS program!


We know that one of the things students are most excited about and most stressed out about is using a locker! Not to worry, there are blocks of time built into the first week of school to find your locker and practice opening it.

The method is the same for all combination locks. Practice on a padlock if you have one!

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It's also important to think about how you're going to organize your locker.

You will be allowed to go to your locker 4 times a day:

  • before 1st period
  • before lunch
  • after lunch
  • after 8th period

Some students find it helpful to have 2 string bags: one for the morning and one for the afternoon. This way all of your items are already ready to go!


It's important to stay organized and be prepared for each class, including bringing a fully-charged Chromebook to school every day. Use your class time wisely to complete your assignments. Take an active role in your education by engaging in the lessons and asking questions.

When you're feeling stuck, ask for help! All of your teachers are here to help you succeed. Let's have a great year!

Homework & Studying

Use an assignment book to write down what you need to complete for each class. You can also use the calendar feature in Canvas to keep track of your assignments.

Part of homework is studying. Reviewing your notes and flashcards daily will help you succeed in class and on tests.

When you're Absent

Students who are absent from school for any reason must make up the work they miss. It is your responsibility to obtain all make-up work from your teachers. Each teacher will allow at least one day for each day of absence to make up for the missed work. Do not expect to be given the remainder of the marking period to complete the work.

Cell Phones: OFF & AWAY

Cell phones and personal electronic devices (Air Pods and headphones) are expected to be powered off and away in your bookbag when you enter the building. You may store them in your backpack or locker for the day.

"Powered off" means that the phone is turned off completely and not just the screen turned off. No one should be able to message, call, Facetime, or send social media to anyone while in school. "Powered off" does not mean putting the phone on vibrate or turning the screen off.

Franklin Handbook & Procedures

Everything you need to know about middle school!

Getting Online


The student portal, iCampus, is where you will find your schedule, grades, report cards, and other useful information.

Username is your Student ID #.
EXAMPLE: 345123

Password is your initials and birthday. (Uppercase First Initial, lowercase last initial)

PASSWORD Example: Bf011706

Make sure you are on Bristol Township's Infinite Campus when trying to log in. https://bristolpa.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/students/bristol.jsp


We use Canvas for our LMS. Don't worry, your teachers will help you learn how to use it and you'll be an expert in no time!

You can log in with your BTSD ID number and your Google Password at btsd.instructure.com.



Want to get involved in Franklin activities? These clubs are open to ALL GRADES!

Reading Olympics

Student Council

21st Century


CARES Ambassadors


Sports teams are open to eligible 7th and 8th graders.
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For the Grown-Ups

Health Office

From our nurse, Mrs. Mahoney:

Grade 6 physicals will be performed by the school doctor on Wednesday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 25th. These physicals are for those students who did not have a physical completed by their private physician. The physical is free. NO immunizations will be administered during these physicals.

Students will be given an emergency card on the first day of school. Please complete BOTH sides of the emergency card and return it to school by the end of the first week of school.

6th Grade Physical Form

Click here for a copy of the Physical Form if you want to go to your own doctor.

Athletics Information

Middle School participation in interscholastic Sports begins in 7th Grade. The following requirements must be met prior to the first day of tryouts:
  1. The student-athlete must be academically eligible to participate.
  2. The student-athlete must be registered on the FamilyID website.
  3. PIAA Physical Form completed after June 1st, 2023.
PIAA Sports Physical Form for 7th & 8th Grade

Click here for a copy of the Sports Physical Form if you want to go to your own doctor.

Absence Notes

Paper notes can be turned in to your student's first period teacher.

You can also email the attendance office directly at FDR.Attendance@bristoltwpsd.org.

Technology Fee

The district will be providing device insurance coverage for all students assigned an iPad/Chromebook to use in school and at home as an instructional tool. As with any instructional material, there will be a small annual technology usage fee of $35.00 per student, with a max of $70.00 per household. Technology fees can be paid via the parent portal.

Parent Portal

Grades and missing assignments can be checked on the Parent Portal (go to bristoltwpsd.org, click on the Parent tab, and then scroll down to Parent Portal). This is also where you can access Progress Reports and Report Cards. (Paper copies are not mailed home.)

If you are new to the Parent Portal, contact Mrs. Pierce sandy.pierce@bristoltwpsd.org in the main office for your authentication key. Infinite Campus is available to all parents/guardians. It can be accessed by computer, tablet, or phone.


You can sign up to observe your student's Canvas courses using the directions in the infographic.
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