Disasters of Technology

Lucia Sanchez-Vanderheyden

The Titanic

Below I have a picture of when the Titanic was sailing in black and white, a picture of the Titanic when it was sinking in color and the ice burg that the Titanic hit also in color.

My thoughts on what should have been better on the Titanic

I think that Titanic should have had a better hull because some believe that the hull was bad and scientists have tried to go down to the Titanic and look at how it was and what things are still down by the Titanic. This when the rumor started that it was the hull that caused the Titanic to sink. When the scientists went down to the Titanic they went to the hull, when they looked at the hull there was no damage. That is why some people think that it was the hull that caused the Titanic to sink. If there was an ice burg then the scientist thought that the hull would have sliced it open, but there was no damage.

The Titanic is a very old story and there have been many theories on different things that caused the Titanic to sink. Some people think that it was that something was wrong with the hull, or that it was a huge ice burg that hit it, which is what most people think today.

The Titanic was so cool and still is, it almost attempted to go across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Titanic

So many people died so the Titanic became a place were you cant take anything from the Titanic but some people still go down to the Titanic and take things from the Titanic's remains. Below is a picture of some things that are down by the Titanic that the people that were on the Titanic had and used.

The Titanic

The Titanic is such a cool ship, it was thought to be "unsinkable" so many people wanted to ride the Titanic to the United States. When the Titanic sank it was because there were not enough life boats and the crew did not fill the life boats to MAX capacity. More than 1,500 people died and only 700 people survived.