New Jersey

The Garden State

Points of Interest in New Jersey

There are many places to visit in New Jersey but here are some of the main attractions that people visit when they go to New Jersey. First we have the amusement park Six Flags. Then comes Lucy the Elephant. It is a six story building that is shaped like an elephant. You are able to take a tour of this building. Next we have Ellis Island the Statue of Liberty is located here. It is located in the spot so it is the first sign of freedom people from different countries see. Then comes the Appalachian trail it is a very famous hiking trail. It runs from Georgia to Maine. Next we have the Delaware Water Gap. It is used for recreational uses. Now we have Marven Gardens it is a historical housing area. Next we have Barnegat Lighthouse this is a famous building that you can also get tours in. Finally is Liberty State Park it is one of New Jersey's beautiful state parks.

Famous People From New Jersey

  • Charlie Puth (pop singer)
  • Mike Trout (baseball player)
  • John Travolta (movie actor)
  • Shaquille O'Neil (basketball player)
  • Frank Sinatra 1915-1998 (pop singer)
  • Kevin Jonas (guitarist)
  • Ashley Tisdale (tv actress)
  • Bea Miller (pop singer)
  • Buddy Valastro (baker)

Land Forms

In New Jersey there are many types of landforms here is a little bit about them. Trenton the capital of New Jersey is a low area with very few mountains. Most of New Jersey is low with very few mountains. When you head up north in New Jersey there is more mountains this is because the northern part of New Jersey is near the Appalachian Trail which is very high.

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In New Jersey the weather is never the same according to the season. The average high in January is thirty-nine degrees. The low in January is twenty-three degrees. In February the high is forty-two degrees. The low is twenty-six in February. In March the high is fifty-one degrees. The low in March is thirty-two. In April the high is fifty-one degrees. The low in April is forty-one. The high in May is seventy-two. In May the low is fifty-one. In June eighty-one is the high. The low in June is sixty. The high in July is eighty-five. The low is sixty-six in July. The hottest it has ever been In the Garden State is one hundred and ten degrees. The coldest it has ever been in New Jersey is negative thirty-four degrees. That was a little bit about New Jersey's weather.

Fast facts about the Garden State

  • State Song "I Am From New Jersey"
  • State Fruit northern highbush blueberry
  • State Dessert color coded swirly candies
  • Has the highest density population
  • Only state where all counties are classified as metropolitan areas
  • Has the most diners in the world is sometimes called the diner capital of the world
  • Opened the first motion picture drive through theater on June 6, 1933
  • The first electric sewing machine was invented in New Jersey

Agriculture of New Jersey

Every state has many crops especially New Jersey. They have crops such as apples pumpkins, tomatoes, corn, hay, wheat, cranberries, soybeans, peaches, potatoes, and many others. Next is there live stock. They raise chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and horses. That was some of the agriculture.

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