Step Up Into Grade 6

February 29-March 4

Important Events

3/4 - Social Studies Egypt Projects go home

3/4--SCIENCE TEST over rocks

This week in math

Monday: We will continue working on the Inquiry Lab with area of parallelograms and rectangles.

Tuesday: Area of parallelograms

Wednesday: Inquiry Lab: area of triangles

Thursday: Area of triangles

Friday: Inquiry Lab: area of trapezoids

If you need to contact your math teacher, please email at Trish Alexander, Coleman Lee, Angela Lipscomb, or Laura Williams

This week in science

Students will be working on the characteristics of rocks and the rock cycle.

Monday: StudyJams video over weathering and erosion: class notes over the different types of weathering and erosion.

Tuesday: Research on how to prevent weathering and erosion.

Wednesday: Apply research from Tuesday to solve a "real word" erosion problem

Thursday: Study guide--answers will be sent via email to parents.

Friday: Test over Rocks

Below are a list of topics/activities from science class that you can use as conversation starters with your child.

* What is the difference between between weathering and erosion?

* What causes weathering or erosion?

* What are some ways to prevent weathering and erosion?

* Where are the most likely places to find each rock type?

Here is a great interactive site that helps explain the rock cycle:

Book log-in information--

Go to the following website.





If you need to email your science teacher please click on the link: Lucy Shrout or Angela Lipscomb.


In Social Studies we are starting our India Unit. We will be learning about the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. We are so excited about a Buddhist monk answering some of our curious questions via video!

Monday - Students will be working on a India postcard

Tuesday- Today students will present their postcard so we can learn about the geography of India.

Wednesday- Hinduism will be the focus today. Students will finish an acrostic poem over Hindu beliefs

Thursday- Students will finish their Hindu poem in class. This will be homework if not finished during class time.

Friday- Today we will start learning about the religion of Buddhism. Students will be learning about a prince who later became known as the "Buddha man"!

Social Studies Tutoring is provided Mon-Thursday until 4:15 for any student needing help on a project, or an assignment.

If you need to email your Social Studies teacher, please click on the link: Heather Yates, Jeremiah Hoskins

This Week in ELA

Monday: We will read chapter 15 of The Watson's Go to Birmingham -- 1963 aloud in class as students follow along in their copies of the novel. Discussion will be on chapter summary, comprehension and vocabulary. We will begin guided reading using Newsela articles.

Tuesday: Our writing focus this week will be on a character analysis essay, using thesis statements previously composed by the students. Grammar will reinforce transition words and complete sentences within the essay.

Wednesday: As we are doing a close reading of The Watson's Go to Birmingham -- 1963, chapter 15, we will reread the chapter continue with guided reading groups.

Thursday: We continue with writing the character analysis and editing for clarity and grammar usage.

Friday: Close reading of The Watson's Go to Birmingham -- 1963, complete this weeks Newsela guided reading groups.

Homework is reading 30 minutes per night or more recorded in the reading log, and any work not completed in class. For parents whose students use Google Classroom, you can check out your child's progress on assignments through the week by opening the classroom page. Thank you for all your support with improving reading through practice!

If you need to email your ELA Teacher, please click on the link: Nathan Tramel, Wendy Ford, Josh Howard, Jeremiah Hoskins

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