Finding Skeletons

By: Jamie Gibbons

Formation of the Source

The sun is blistering hot under the Egyptian sun, my crew are losing hope that we’ll ever find it, some of my crew have abandoned, some have stayed to find this holy treasure of history. I’m looking for the last remains of the Lapta people who worked here and made pyramids for their gods. Yes I’m in Egypt. I’m searching for them near the small town of Arcuda. I’m searching for this so I can save my family from poverty so we can live in our home and save my son from cancer.

I know something's hear because I have talked to the people in the town of Arcuda because they are the relatives of the lost people of Lapta. Also my grandfather used to tell me stories about the Lapta people. Then I saw something something in the way distance I thought I saw marriages but I kept walking towards it I finally got there. This was it I found it the lost pyramids of the Lapta people next stop finding the last rulers of the Lapta people, only problem which one is it. There were 3 big pyramids and 3 small pyramids all exactly the same so I split my team up, 10 people for each a small pyramid and 15 people for the big pyramids. It worked like magic, they were all searched and excavated the 2 in the back had riches and jewels which we took. So more than half my team left after that, I only have 17 men still with me. The first one we looked for 10 days before we found them the last rulers of the Lapta people.

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Excavation of the Source

Excavating it was hard and I had to go down into the tombs and map it out so nothing would happen to anything, once I did that we started digging. Everybody pitched in. Even my 10 year old son, it was hard work. It took us 3 days of no rest and hard work to excavate the whole thing and find the last rulers of the Lapta people. We did it well not exactly, we still had to find out how old it was. But I named my new company the Gibbons archaeologist service, for special needs and ambitions. I put an ad on the internet and I got 20 people to volunteer and 3 minutes. I twas awesome seeing how many young people wanted to help out.

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Dating the Source

We took the bodies and treasure to a lab in Mona Mona 56 miles away so they could research them and find how old they were. We used radiocarbon dating to find out how old it was and it worked like magic it was exactly 2,513 years old. The room went ballistic. It was the biggest find in 27 years, it was awesome.

Interpreting the Evidence

I knew this is what's gonna save my family from poverty and I did it, I did what I sent out to do. Now back to business. This is a secondary source. I think they died as a sacrifice in their last years so they gave them to the gods they believed in. I think this because they were very cultural and they believed in there gods. So I think they kill their rulers at the end of their times and dress them with gold and riches so the gods know they made a noble sacrifice.

I think this source is correct. I also think that my calculations are correct so if they are I got 2,000,000 dollars coming my way. But that's only the skeletons. So I really hope my source is right.