The Columbian Exchange =]

Support the Columbian Echange people =]

What was the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange was a food exchange between Europe, Africa, and Asia.The Columbian Exchange led to different foods to be made and introduced to other countries.

Example : Pumkin Pie

The Positive Effects

The Columbian Exchange had some positive effects along with it.

1. New foods were created through the columbian exchange that people enjoyed.

2. Horses made traveling and hunting buffalo easier,faster,and safer.

3.Less people started to die from hunger.

The Negative Results

The Columbian Exchange had some negative effects along with it.

1.New diseases were introduced to both sides of the exchange,there for many people died from the diseases.

2. The peoples were constantly moving away from their homes.

3. The potatoes grown by peoples of the Indies. Then a fungus grew in the potato fields and over 1 million Irish starved to death.

Why should you SUPPORT the Columbian Exchange ?

You should support the Columbian Exchange because it helped lots of people from hunger. New foods were introduced through the Columbian Exchange.