If you are having a party you need to decide who to invite. Then buy or make invitations and address the envelopes and put them in the mail. Send out the envelopes invitations one week before the party. Hopefully,your guests will tell you if they are coming.


If you are having your guests for dinner, you need to think about what you will serve.Many people like pizza,pasta,burgers or sandwiches. If you are having sides with diner you could have fries,chips,pretzels,fruit snacks or cheese.If you are having dessert you should think about serving ice cream,Popsicles,chocolate,gummy bears,Nerd rope or baby bottle pops.If you are having snacks you should have food like chips,candy,pretzels or popcorn.If you are having drinks you should have drinks like soda,water,fruit poach or apple juice.Your guests will like the food.


If you are having activities you could have dodge ball,tag,music,cops and robbers,hide and seek or red light green light.You could set up obstacles,rush hour or limbo.If you are having calm activities you could watch tv,silent game,writing contest,reading contest or follow the finger withe your eye.