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Effective Homework

On average, the impact of homework on learning is consistently positive (leading to on average five months additional progress). However, beneath this average there is a wide variation in potential impact, suggesting that how homework is set is likely to be very important.

There is some evidence that homework is most effective when used as a short and focused intervention (e.g. in the form of a project or specific target connected with a particular element of learning) with some exceptional studies showing up to eight months positive impact on attainment. Sutton Trust Teaching & Learning Toolkit

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SAM Learning School Assembly Video
SAM Learning is a fantastic online tool that can be used to to set homework and revision. IT can be used in the classroom as a starter or plenary. Have you considered using it to establish prior learning? SAM Learning could be used to establish the prior learning of each individual student before planning current and future work.

SAM Learning has a variety of activities including revision activities and exam practice. Content is updated daily and is specific to exam boards for most subject areas.

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What should I consider?

  • Planned and focused activities are more beneficial than homework which is more regular but routine or not linked with what is being learned in class.

  • It should not be used as a punishment or penalty for poor performance.

  • A variety of tasks with different levels of challenge is likely to be beneficial.

  • The quality of homework is more important than the quantity. Pupils should receive feedback on homework which is specific and timely.

  • Have you made the purpose of homework clear to children? e.g. to increase a specific area of knowledge, or fluency in a particular area. Sutton Trust Teaching & Learning Toolkit

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Technology Tips

Using Twitter in the classroom

If you are feeling adventurous, why not try Twitter to extend the learning from your classroom. Easy to use with only 140 characters or less. Easily accessible on smart phones or via the web. Students can interact, post questions and share ideas easily. It is easy to share the learning that is happening in your classroom. Twitter is an excellent source of teaching ideas and strategies.