Red Scare

By : Jackie Reynolds, Chris, and Jacob Lamon

The Red Scare

The term Red Scare came from the promotion of fear of a potential rise of communism or radical leftism, used by anti-leftist proponents. The first one that took place in Untied States was about a worker revolution and political radicalism. The second one was focused on the national and foreign communists influencing society, infiltrating the federal government or both.

General Palmer

He lead the palmer raids because, of the Communists attempted to kill him which convinced him that they were trying to overthrow the government.


The workers who avoided striking during the war were now demanding wage increases to keep space with spiraling inflation. Over 3,300 post war strikes began across the country. A small group of radicals formed the communist labor party in 1919. They didn't want government because, they don't want their income taxed and they don't want the government controlling their wages.

ACLU representive

The ACLU focused on freedom of speech and defense of protesters in the 1920's so it was only natural for them to defund the protesting anarchists. Freedom of speech was a constitutional right that was violated.

American Public

The American public was against the raids because they violated American Civil liberties.