Maria Theresa of Austria

Alexis Hall

Maria Theresa Habsburg

der Vatter: Kaisers Charles VI

die Mutter: Elisabeth Christinia

das Geburtsdatum: 13. May, 1717

das Sterbedatum: 28. November, 1780

der Geburtsort und der Sterbeort: Vienna, Austria

der Beruf: die Kaiserin

der Zeitgenosse: Frederick II von Preussen


  • She was able to raisea peacetime army of 110,000 men.
  • She was crowned queen of Hungary in 1741.

Interesting Facts:

  • Her father changed the family law so she could be his heir.
  • People weren't happy about her ruling at first, and began wars with her.
  • She had 16 children.
  • Her husband was her cousin, Francis I.
  • Her successor was her son, Joseph II.


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