Logan Postert

Uses and what they look like

Grasslands are mostly used for farming.They are also used for shooting ranges,crop etc.

Grassland is a large land area of mostly grass or as some people may call them plains.

Animals that live in grass lands

Animals like zebras,bison,elephants,rhinoceros,blackfooted ferret,heyena,giraffes,prairie chiken,lion,ostrich,blackfooted prairie dog,pronghorn,warthogs and many more
Did you know that grasslands are found in every continent except for Antarctica.grasslands get 10 to 30 inches of rain every year,if they got any more they would become a forest any less they would be a desert.which is the reason why they are mostly found between deserts and forest.
There are three types of grass lands tall grass praire,mixed grass praire,and short grass praire.
Grass land soil is very deep and fertile.there used to be enormous herds of bison and pronghorns that would feed on the praire grass but now they're almost gone.
They're aren't many bushes in grasslands to hide animals wile hunting.trees are mostly found by streams and rivers.
About one quarter of the earths land is from grasslands. South America grasslands is called pampas,in Europe steppes,in Africa savanas.
This is an example of the grasslands
Did you know that grasslands are called the breadbasket of the world.and that the soil is so productive do to its rich texture.there used to be plenty of prairies but now there aren't that many any more.