Science Infographic

By: Miranda Simmons

Newtons Laws

Newtons 1st Law

Newtons 1st law is all about how Gravity and Inertia and how they work together. When you want to use Newtons 1st Law its like an object in motion will stay at motion unit inertia comes in and slows it down and makes it stop. An object at rest will stay at rest until its moved in a way.

Newtons 2nd Law

Newton’s 2nd law is about acceleration and how fast or slow an object is, A toy car could be pushed down a ramp and have a positive acceleration and then it would slow down and have a negative acceleration.

Newtons 3rd Law

For newtons 3rd law it states how every action and an opposite reaction like a ball and how if you throw it on the ground it hits the ground with the action and pushed back off with an opposite reaction.