By Jacob Bulla

The Mayans

The Mayans were Interesting. They worshiped gods who were thought to be made of maize (corn). They had 4 classes in their system. The Ruling, Nobility, Peasant, and Slave. For one of their religions, they played a game, where the losers team's captain, is sacrificed to their gods. Obviously there staple crop was maize. To farm, they would use a technique called slashing and burning, which would fertilize the soil. They invented time system with 365 days, (much like ours) and a number system based on 20.

The Incas

Did you know, The Incas were the first to farm potatoes? They also were the first to do blood transfusions. 1 of the Incas invention, was the quipu. A system of communication using colored ropes and knots. In the Inca's civilization, they used irrigation streaming. Their cultural traditions included having 2 classes, the nobles, and commoners. They mostly believed in their emperor, thinking he was divine.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs were very advanced. They lived on a lake and they built big and unique structures. For their farming methods, since they were on a lake, they built floating gardens. Most of their traditions were mainly based around farming. it was the basis of Aztec economy. One of their inventions were Codices, which were books made of leather.