A2 STEAM Kindergarten News

Mrs. Jackson's Class

Exploring The Human Body

We started a new Project Lead The Way module about the Human Body. Our first activity required us to learn about different organs and the inner parts of our body. These parts included the heart, lungs, brain, bones, stomach, and muscles. (We will learn more about the structure and function of each part as we work our way through the module.) As we discussed the insides of our bodies we also learned about our "identity". We focused on the fact that most of our inner bodies look the same but our "identity" and outer bodies are unique and special.

Ecology Center Visit

On Thursday, April 28th, we will have an in-school field trip! The Ecology Center Wee Recycle program will visit our classroom to discuss the importance of recycling. Students will listen to a story, sing songs, and do some sorting activities. We will wrap-up the visit with kids using their hands to "remanufacture" a play-dough bottle into something new! The focus will be on four materials that can be recycled (glass, plastic, paper, and metal). Students will practice identifying these materials in everyday items.

Health Presentations

Last week our students had the opportunity to visit a health fair presented by Huron High School students. Students were able to visit four stations and learn about the dangers of smoking, how to wash hands, and how to use an AED. This activity was enjoyed by all!

Dates To Remember:

  • May 3rd - No School for Students
  • May 21st - Heritage Festival at A2 STEAM
  • May 30th - No School

We are in need of disinfecting wipes and tissues! Thank you in advance for your donations. :)