Japanese 1 - Lesson 11

Week of 11/16 - 11/20


Important Upcoming Dates:

11/26 - 11/27: NCVPS Thanksgiving Break (No Class)

12/15: Complete Linguafolio Project Due

12/17: Entire End of Course Project Due

12/21 - 1/1: NCVPS Winter Break (No Class)

1/4: Final Exam Opens

1/7: Last Day to Submit Final Exam

1/8: Last day of class/last day to submit assignments from Lessons 8 - 13

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What's Due This Week?

This week's schedule is a little different because of the holiday last week.

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Monday: Lesson 10 Quiz

Wednesday: Lesson 11 Writing Assignment

Thursday: Lesson 11 Cultural Discussion Post and 2 Response Posts

Friday: Lesson 11 Speaking Assignment

Remember to work on your End of Course Project Every Day!

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Culture Cafe on Wednesday

Please come to Wednesday's Culture Cafe presentation on one of my favorite topics - Japanese food! Students who attend and tell me the most interesting thing they learned can earn 3 extra credit points. Hope to see you there!!
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Lesson 11 - なに が すき です か。

In Lesson 11, we’ll learn how express that we like and dislike things using すき, きらい,

だいすき, だいきらい. Let's take our new grammar and vocabulary for test drive. :)

すき means like, so to say we like something, we can use this sentence format: (what you like) が すき です。

すし が すき です。

I like sushi.

To talk about things we dislike, use きらい: (thing you dislike) が きらい です。

よしださん は ハンバーガー が きらい です。

Ms. Yoshida dislikes hamburgers.

We can use the prefex だい to indicate something is “great” or “big.” So to say you really like something use the prefix だい in front of すき to say you really like or love something.

コーヒー が だいすき です。

I love coffee.

きみこさん は にほんご が だいすき です。

Kimiko really likes Japanese.

We can do the same thing with きらい and talk about things we strongly dislike, or hate, using だいきらい:

しゅくだい が だいきらい です。

I strongly dislike homework.

かいもの が だいきらい です。

I hate shopping.

なに が すき です か。asks "What do you like?"

なに が きらい です か。asks "What do you dislike?"

End of Course Projects

At this point, everyone should have several parts done on the EOC Project.

This week you will learn how to complete slide 12 on your About Me portion of the project. I recommend doing this slide at some point this week.

It's important to make steady progress on this assignment as it is a large part of your grade and should not be left until the last minute. A good grade on the EOC project is crucial to success in Japanese 1. Keep working consistently on your project and you will do well!

The link to the End of Course Projects instructions is in blackboard on the left hand navigational toolbar under the End of Course Projects link.


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Today is College Day so share with us where you want to go to college or your goals after high school. ^_^

Spirit Week Participants!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in spirit week so far and earned an extra credit point yesterday:

Jaime L., Shane D., Abigail N., Ashley Z., Hannah E. and Daniel C.

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