BY: Wil Fisher


My name is Wil Fisher and I am 40 Years old now.I attended Norfolk Junior High School in Norfolk, Nebraska. If you went to school with me you would knew what I looked like I'm 6"4" had long blond hair in the summer,and short blond hair during school was in session. I played baseball,football,and basketball for the partners from my sophomore year till my senior year but I went on to play baseball at the University of Nebraska. I got a scowler ship, due to my A's in the classroom and my play on the baseball field. I was a starting catcher at the university of Nebraska. From freshmen year to my senior year I also led the team to the college World Series 3 times. Winning it twice and runner up once to the LSU Tigers 7-6 in extra innings.But at some point I had to graduate I graduated Nebraska with degree in engineering but, there was one thing left.The Major League Baseball draft was coming up soon and I was up to be choose #1 by the Los Angeles Dodgers but the New York Yankees made some trades with the Dodgers and I was drafted by the New York Yankees 1st pick 1st round. I was so happy i was going to my favorite team. I was the Catcher for 16 years and hit the 3rd spot every game. I also broke the RBI record,stolen bases record, the all times hits record,and the all time Home Runs record. after those 16 great seasons I retired from the league. 2 years later I was put into the BASEBALL HALL OF FAME!!!

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Baseball is the best game ever. There are 9 innings in baseball and you have to get three outs to get out of the innings. Together Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium total seating capacity is 91,450 people. The game of baseball is fun. Derek Jeter and Josh Hamilton’s age combine to 71 years old. You have to wear a helmet when you go up to bat so that there protected from being hit in the face by the ball. And you have a bat when u go up to bat. Robinson Cano was born in San Pedro de Macoris Dominican Republic and he plays for the New York Yankees. Which is located in the Bronx of NYC, New York state Wrigley field is 99 years old and was built in 1914. Buster Posey was born on March 27,1987 and is 26 years young. Derek Jeter was born in Pequannock New Jersey. His birthday is June 26,1974. And now he’s 39 years young.And thats why baseballs the best sport ever.

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The Benchwarmers

I really liked this movie; It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie takes place in California with 3 guys: one who is a paper boy named Clark, a video store worker named Richie, and Richie’s brother named Howie who is afraid of the sun and lives in a closet. Howie almost never leaves the closet. And finally Gus, the star player of the Benchwarmers team, who owns a lawn mowing business but plays a lot of baseball in his free time.The movie is funny to me even though I've watched it 100 times. It’s funny how 3 fully grown guys play against younger kids, but the moral of the story is to stop the bullying in the town because the coaches of the other city teams don't want the kids, who aren't good at baseball, on their teams. So, a millionaire named Mel has a son who’s not that good at baseball but loves to play. Because the coaches don’t want his son on the team, Mel starts a round robin tournament with the 3 older guys Richie,Clack,and Gus. They play all the teams around the town for a brand new stadium with a really cool field. That's why i love the Benchwarmers.I recommend this movie because i like it alot and i think other people would also.

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The Ugly Duckling

One sunny summer day there was a mama duck who was about to have her eggs hatch. Later that day, the eggs started to crack! She had 20 eggs, but one of the eggs was huge! When the egg hatched, the duckling was very ugly. The other ducklings were making fun of him because he was very ugly .He was so so sad that he cried out loud, but still the other ducklings made fun of him. The duckling decided to run away to a different farm and got lost. He was scared very very very very very scared.Then he felt like he was changing, and he felt weird. When he looked in a mirror and saw that he was unicorn, he ran back to his mom, and he looked at the ducks. They looked at him in aww and he was loved forever.

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My favorite game is NCAA 14 Football for XBox 360.This game is a lot fun! The game is so realistic with great graphics and with real announcers from ESPN, that talk during the plays. Also, they have all real stats from the year before and you can download the real rosters onto the team,s so that you can play with real players like Ameer Abdullah, Taylor Martinez, and Kenny Bell. With the great graphics, all the stadiums look realistic and the fans at Nebraska games chant Husker-Power!!! It’s so cool that the game designer can make the fans do that. That’s why I love this game.

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Homework is not a good thing. Homework that is on paper wastes ink. This ink can be used for better things like printing of football plays. With homework on the computer, it can hurt your eyes. Also, with too much screen time, you don't do any outside activity. It’s hard when you don’t have any outside activity. Also, homework is just not necessary.