Colors on the flag are red blue and white. French flag is called the tricolor .King Louis used red, blue , and white in 1789 to represent France.


The most common landmark in France is the Eiffel tower and was built by Gustave Eiffel. The correct number of how many steps in the Eiffel tower are1,652 steps. If you look at the Eiffel tower closely it will look very tall for you.

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Foods that we eat in Texas are even the foods they eat in France.

Famous person

There was an emperor called Napoleon Bonaparte. He ruled France between

1804 -1814 . Today everybody believes that Napoleon was the greatest general in history.

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Mardi Gras is important in France.Mardi Gras even has a meaning .The meaning is Fat Tuesday. They even celebrate a different festival called Lemon festival they make things with oranges and lemons.

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Paris is famous for it's fashions. Louis XIV wanted all of Europe to know about French fashions, and he even began sending fashion dolls to royal courts all over Europe, dressed in the latest styles. Noble ladies would have their dressmakers copy these styles.


In France people speak French.


The main religion are Roman Catholics .In numbers ,85% Roman Catholics ,8% Muslims ,2% Protestants and 1% Jewish.


France is famous for operas . Jean Baptiste Lully wrote the first opera.


French styles in art served as models for other countries. French artist Claude Lorrain established a tradition of landscape panting that influenced other artist in Europe and America .


The climate varies in different parts of France .The differences in climate are closely related to the distance of the land from the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.

Intersting info

Currency used in France is EURO.

The Cannes International Film Festival is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious film festivals. It is held annually in the resort city of Cannes on the French Riviera.