Roman name: Diana

Who was Artemis

Goddess of

Artemis was the goddess of hunting.

Her symbols are:

  • golden bow and arrow
  • hunting dog
  • the stag
  • the moon

Character traits:
  • She was very loyal to her father's wishes of her becoming one of the three Virgin Goddess in Greek mythology.

  • She hunted and was a guardian to females.

  • Her character was very possessive and selfish.

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Her Spouse:

  • The daughter of Zeus and Leto
  • Has a twin brother named Apollo


  • physically strong
  • confident
  • courage


  • Vengeful
  • impulsive
  • aloof

Interesting Facts:

  • she was the Goddess of the moon, chastity and chase

  • A great temple was made in her honor at Ephesus

  • She fell in love with Endymion, but there love was forbidden, because he was human and she was a goddess

  • Dislikes men, If a man looks at her bathing she orders them to be torn, Opposes the institution of marriage and the subsequent loss of freedom it entails for women.

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