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Innovation Academy News - September 2022

Principal News

Welcome back, scorpions! Just as I knew it would, this school year is off to a fantastic start!!

I appreciate your help and understanding as we've implemented a few changes to our pick-up and drop-off procedures. It has made a huge difference in keeping the parking lot safe for students and staff. Thank you! (if you haven't seen it yet, click HERE to view our 2022 safety video).

Please be sure to keep following procedures for drop-off and pick-up. Please don't look for short-cuts, and if you are sending someone new to transport your child(ren), please make sure they know the drill and don't do it wrong - as shown in this classic video.

Health News

To help keep you child healthy and for the health of others: please keep your child home if they do not appear well. If they have a 100o temperature or higher, have diarrhea, or have been vomiting, please keep them home. If your child experiences any of these ailments at school, they will be sent home and will not be permitted back to school until they are fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours. (Fever free is being without fever for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing agents such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.)

Social Calendar

We continue to receive too many "one-time" transportation changes. With over 420 students at Innovation, the task of keeping track of who is going home with whom is just too great. Please plan your play-dates and activities to begin AFTER your child has been picked-up from school. Making these arrangements may seem very simple, but it puts too much pressure on our staff to keep track.

Early-Out Days in October

Due to parent-teacher conferences, early-out schedule will be in effect from Tuesday, October 4th through Friday, October 7th. On these four days, school will dismiss at 1:30pm. Monday, October 3rd is a regular release schedule.


If you have been a participant in our WatchDOGS or Scorpion Dads program and would like to continue volunteering in a similar capacity, please check with your child’s teacher for volunteer opportunities. Similarly, the PTO is always looking for help before, during, and after PTO events. Phasing-out these targeted programs will help streamline the volunteer processes by plugging-in people directly where they are needed.

Picture Day

You haven't missed it! Picture day will be a bit later than usual this year and is scheduled for October 20th. More information will be coming as the day gets closer.
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Innovation PTO


Creating opportunities of educational excellence through parent and educator partnership, financial support, and community engagement.

President: Jeremy Spruce

President Elect: Vacant

VP Communications: Sarah Branski (Co-Chair - Jennifer Deakins)

VP Fundraising: Anne Zimmerman (Co-Chair - Katie Garro)

VP Volunteers: Kathy Lokale

VP Events: Jordyn Carter

Secretary: Ekna Rehm (Co-Chair - Jenny Eagar)

Treasurer: Vacant

Members at Large: Gena Luecke / Shannon Matlock / Sarah Stucki

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