Spreading "freedom" around the world!


-Bought from Russia
-Seward's Folly? (Ppl made fun of the government for buying it b/c polar bears, etc.)
-Then they found gold and other resources and the govt. was obviously forgiven


-Fruit (bananas)
-Naval bases (a friendly place in the Pacific to refuel on the way to China)

Spanish-American War

-"Splendid little war"
-"Remember the Maine and to hell with Spain!"
- Short war with few American casualties
-Gained part of Cuba (for rent) Guantanamo Bay- Platt Amendment
-Recieve other islands/territory like Puerto Rico

American-Filipino war

-Gained territory in Philippines after Span/Am War
-Filipino people rebelled against Americans
-American war atrocities


-We don't colonize here but we sell them our stuff (iron, coal, steel, etc)

Panama Canal (A man a plan a canal Panama)

-We needed a more direct route to China
-So, TR helped fund a revolution to grant Panama independence from Columbia
-In return, Panama gave control of the canal zone to the U.S. (for rent)
-We finally gave it back in 1999

Monroe Doctrine/Roosevelt Corollary

-TR's extension of the Monroe Doctrine (remember this idea was from J. Monroe said that Europe had no business in Latin America)
-TR said that the U.S. will intervene militarily if Europe messes with Latin America
-Ex. of "big stick diplomacy"