John F.kennedy

by Billy Vasquez

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was born on May 29,1917 in Brookline,Massachusetts.His death date was on 1963.He died in Dallas,Texas because he was assassinated.John F. Kennedy's nickname was "Jack."John F. Kennedy went to Harvard for college.His full name is John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy's life

2.What he was famous for

He was best known for being our president of the United States in January 20,1961 and stopped on November 22,1963 and that's when he was assassinated.He was our 35th president.

3.His Childhood

when he was a little kid, it was pretty amazing.Rose Elizabeth F. was John F. Kennedy's mom.She was a Boston debutante.John F. Kennedy's father was Joseph Kennedy and he was a banker.His grandfather was Joseph P.J Kennedy.His grandfather was a liquor trader.His nickname was "Jack" and also John F. Kennedy had nine siblings too.

4.His adulthood

When he grew up he went to Harvard University for his career.Then when he graduated he got married.When he got married,a few months later John F. Kennedy became president.Then he has a son named John F. Kennedy Jr.When John F. Kennedy Jr. grew up,John F. Kennedy was in a parade and that's when he got assassinated.


"for time in the world do not stand still.Change is the law of life.And those how look to the past,or the present,are certain to miss the future."

6.Life lessen

What I learned about John F. Kennedy was that love the family,friends,aunts,uncle and everybody in the world.

7.Describing him in 5 words

The describing words that I think will best describe John F. Kennedy are brave, couragous,good person,great president and very smart.

8.5 fast facks

He was our 35th president.He had a son his name is Jr. He got married to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Also his nickname is Jack.Jr did not got married.

9.3 important facks.

He was our president,he got assassinated on a car in a parade that he was in and they shot him in the forehead with a sniper in a 6 story building.