scientific revolution

Jordan C. 6th

what was the change?

A major change in european though , starts in the mid 1500's in which the study of the nautrual world began to be charateristic by careful observation and the questioning of accepted beliefs

Who were the people associated with the change ?

how Did the change impact society at the time ?

It improved lives of ali europeans intellectuals religion had turmoilinew science coutradicated the bible , it led do a schism between follwers of science and religion had turmioal new science contradicted the bible , it led do aschism between follwers of science and religous people led to discover of new technology

how is that change evidenced in todays modern society?

encouragins the removal of god in day to day live removed all meaning from malkans search for meanin of ones existare led to industrilvated


Johnnaes kepler tried tok the ortis of plant galileo gulilei (italia niclous copernics first to write on the revo lution study silly of plestial spluere telescope