5th Grade News

January 20 - January 30, 2015

Important Dates

Wednesday, January 21: Report Cards go home

Wednesday, January 28: Winter Concert: Lower and Middle School Band & Orchestra @ 6:30 pm (DPAC)

Thursday, January 29: 5th Grade Field Trip to Chinmaya Mission of Austin

Tuesday, February 3: 5th Grade Field Trip to Fo Guang Shan Xiang Yun Temple (Tentative)

Thursday, February 5: Rhythms Night @ 6 pm (Nazro Hall)

Friday, February 6: Grandparents' Day

Field Trip to Chinmaya Mission Austin

We are so excited to announce a visit to Chinmaya Mission Austin on Thursday, January 29. We will speak with their resident spiritual leader, Acharya Girish Chaitanya. Girish spoke with 5th Graders last year and absolutely astounded them as a person and as an expert on all things Hindu. He has invited us to see the community's new temple, and we couldn't be more thrilled. This visit correlates with our Social Studies unit on Ancient India and the origins of the Hindu religion.

*Students should be dressed nicely, and all students should cover their knees and shoulders. We will be taking our shoes off before we enter the temple, so students must wear socks.

While chaperones are not needed, if you would like to join us at Chinmaya to learn more about the Hindu community, please let Ms. Ballon know as soon as possible. What a great opportunity for us all!

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

Students will have their culminating Socratic Seminar shared inquiry discussion for "Crow Call." They will continue reading and annotating in their independent texts to practice skills introduced in our mini lessons. Students will also read another short story in our Junior Great Books anthology and write about our reading. Vocabulary Unit 4 assessment dates are next week.


Students continue to work on relating the multiplication of fractions to decimals. Next week students will work on judging the "reasonableness" of solutions by reviewing facts and numbers used in the problem. *Note: Our goals for Dreambox have changed. Students are expected to complete 5-8 unique lessons each A-F Cycle

Social Studies:

Students have begun their study of Ancient India, including the geography of the Indus River Valley (present-day Pakistan). We are moving into the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as the study of the long-lasting social ranking system, the caste system. We are planning field trips to both a Hindu Temple and Buddhist Temple in the next few weeks.


We had a wonderful field trip to The Meadows Center. There is a link to pictures below. We will be concluding our Water Unit and moving on to Life Science (The Human Body) after the next cycle. See pics below. Click to see the entire album!


Since we got back from break, students have been learning how the Romans wrote their numbers. Students were quick to note that we still see Roman numerals in our everyday lives: on clocks, in books, on the buildings at SAS Upper School, and in the NFL Superbowl logo! It's a new year: ask your student what "2015" is in Roman numerals. (Answer: MMXV)

Let's Get Physical!

Students just began their third rotation of Badminton, Whifflball/Pickleball, Soccer, and Fitness. PE Teachers will be sending home the 5th graders individual fitness scores with their report cards. We hope you get an opportunity to go over these with your 5th Grader.

P.E. in the news: The P.E. Shift: Phys ed programs are getting away from team sports—with great physical and academic results.

*A big "Shout Out" to the following 5th graders who achieved 50th percentile or higher on all 6 fitness tests: Jameson Bessette, Marcos Henry, Lauren Robertson, Juliet Clay, Scout Swanson, and Maja Graham!! Pics below!

Spotlight on the Arts


The 5th Grade Choir will be doing a musical theater unit in the upcoming weeks. They will learn songs, practice acting with scripts, and then we will hold a "mock audition" in which students will sing and act for their peers and receive feedback from teachers. This is all to prepare them for the possibility of taking musical theater in the 6th Grade.

Band and Orchestra Concert

Please join us on Wednesday, January 28 for an evening of fabulous music presented by the Lower and Middle School Band and Orchestra Programs along with Advanced Western Percussion. The concert will begin at 6:30 pm at the Upper School Dell Performing Arts Center. There will be a broad range of music performed by all grade levels.

5th Grade Choir @ MLK Assembly