Indiana Jones A Romantic Hero

By Ko'a Moe, and Rachel Cage

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On A Quest

Indiana Jones was on a quest to get the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazi’s did.


Indy and Marion got into a big fight when they were at the marketplace. Many people were chasing after them and many were killed and injured. But Indy managed to escape unscathed, and he kept Marion safe for that period of time.


Indy was willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to make sure the Nazi’s didn’t get ahold of the Ark of the Covenant. Even if it meant losing his life. Which could have happened many times, like at the market place, underground with the snakes, while on the car chase, as well as at the opening of the Ark of the Covenant.


Throughout the movie, you never hear Indy brag about himself. And when Indy was presented this opportunity, he went without question. And it wasn’t so he could be deemed as a hero, but so he could save people from the Nazis.

Skill At Arms

Indiana Jones’ most well known “weapon of choice” was his whip, but he was also good with guns. When he ran into Arab swordsman whipping through a flashy routine with a swords, Indy initially squares off against the swordsman having only his whip in his hands. Then with a look of disgust, he casually pulls out his gun and shoots and kills the swordsman.