Bar None Cowboy Church

Cowboy Challenge

Mugging and Doctoring

Three man teams, first 25 teams taken, $50.00 per man.

Top 10 teams to short round.

Books open March 1 and close March 7

100% payback * No Cattle Charge

Cowboy Challenge

Saturday, March 9th, 12pm

9162 Hwy 43

Tatum, TX

Contact: Isaac Bach 903.472.0105

Bar None Cowboy Church

There are no steeples, no stained glass and no padded pews, just a group of ordinary folks that care enough to get to know you and help encourage you in your walk with the Lord. The only finger pointing is at Jesus on the cross.

Cowboys, cowgirls, or anyone who enjoys the western culture in any way, even if you just like good old western movies or country music, will enjoy Bar None Cowboy Church. Simply put, Bar None Cowboy Church is a come-as-you-are, relaxed church atmosphere with faith-based ministry straight from the Bible.
We are committed to reaching the cowboy/western culture and those who love it for Jesus Christ. Our mission is to eliminate "religious and man made barriers" and just get down to the basics found in God's Word.

We do things a little differently so that there is no pressure and no preconceptions about church