PHS 1st Day F2F Videos

Tuesday, September 8th Required Presentation Materials

Teachers: Click on the corresponding link by period.

Each video presentation must be shown at the beginning of each class period when prompted by announcement. Remember to:

  1. Verify each student has a colored schedule that shows your class title and your name for the class period.
  2. Take attendance.
  3. Show video to class when prompted. The announcement will be made within the first 5 minutes of each class when a video needs to be shown.

1st Period: Classroom sanitizing & cleaning--everyone helps!

1st Period announcement

2nd period: Proper Handwashing Technique

What you need to know about handwashing

3rd Period: Proper mask wearing on campus.

Prevent COVID-19: Wear a Cloth Face Covering

4th Period: Lunch assignments

Lunchtime Procedures

6th Period: Close contact protocols & Facts about quarantine

6th Period announcement

9th/10th FOCUS Presentation

9th 10th FOCUS Presentation

11th/12th FOCUS Presentation

11th 12th FOCUS Presentation