Mine and Zuri's Kite

Shulie the Unicorn


Me and Zuri decided to make our kite look like a unicorn. It is a diamond kite. We are making it out of common household objects.

Stuff about our kite

Me and Zuri used many different materials. To actually construct the kite, we used trash bags, wooden dowels, tape, and scissors. To decorate we are going to use Sharpies, markers, also for the horn, we are using paper and silver crayon and glitter glue. For her hair, we are using pink tissue paper sprinkled with red glitter. We chose a diamond kite because it is the simplest one to make, at least to us. Also, the diamond kite complimented how we would make the horn stick out as well as the hair. Making the model kite helped me because I knew how to put it together. For example i knew to put the wooden dowel in the center and it showed me how to measure the trash bag to make the kite shape.

Model Kite

Making a model kite in math helped us on our kite in many ways. We would have no clue how to build out base of the kite otherwise. It made the building process much simpler.

Math with Kites

Problem 1: I got the answer 7.5

Problem 2: I got the answer 576