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World Geography

November 6,2014

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Political and Physical of Venezuela

If you would go to Venezuela.....

The things that you would mostly look for would be the food!!!<3Venezuela is famous for its food, well well mostly it's popular for it's desserts like the dulce de leche and flan. Dulce de leche is a thick caramel sauce made with sugar and milk, and flan is a sweet dessert with a gelatin-like feature. Finally, Venezuela is famous for its stunning tourist attractions, such as Angel Falls and La Isla Margarita. Angel Falls is known as the largest waterfall in the world, measuring 3,211 feet and is located in the Canaima National Park. La Isla Margarita boasts crystalline waters and pristine beaches.


  • 92% of the population follow is Roman Catholic and the 8% is either protestant a member of another religion or atheist.
  • Our religion is either Catholic and Christian


The main Language that Venezuelan's speak is plain ole' Spanish
  • Hola is the way to say hello in Venezuela and it's just plain Spanish
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People :o

The major ethnic groups:
  • 20% are whites
  • nearly 66% are mestizos or pardos (people of mixed ancestry)
  • 10% are blacks
  • and less than 2& are indigenous

Customs and Traditions

holidays and festivals in Venezuela bring colorful day's where heritage and culture come together beautifully everyone is high in there spirit gathering together with friends and family some of the important festivals would be
  • The Procession of the Holy Shepherdess
  • Carnival in Venezuela
  • La Paradura del Nino
  • Drumming Feast of St. John
  • May Cross Celebrations
Dances/ music: Gaita is one of the important traditional music of the country which is mainly performed during the festival seasons. Joropo is the national dance of Venezuela. Salsa is one of the most popular dance forms in this country, adn finally folk music of Venezuela also forms an important part of Venezuela's Culture.

food: Venezuela is famous for there flan and dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is a thick caramel sauce made with sugar and milk, and flan is a swet dessert with a gelatin-like consistency.


Venezuelan's for a living are bakers and butchers and bankers and doctors and nurses. There are people working in the informal sector as street vendors or shoe polishers and people earning big bucks in the oil industry.

Holidays and Festivals

They celebrate many holidays these are just a few

  • La Paradura del Nino
  • Dia de la Virgen de la Candelaria
  • Dia de Juventud (Youth Day)

They Celebrate these festivals and holidays to have god times with family and friends

The days they celebrate it are :

  • Paradura del Niño (Holy Child’s first step)
    Date: from January 6th to February 2nd
  • Día de la Virgen de la Candelaria (Our Lady of Candles Feast)
    Date: February 1st to 2nd
  • Día de la Juventud (Youth Day)
    Date: January 12th

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