Tristian Fouts

Auchwitz concentration camp was the nazis largest concentration camp. With 3 sub camps in Auchwitz it made for a simple routine, work, gas chambers, crematorium. The camp started construction on April 27, 1940, order to be built by Heinrich Himmler near Oswiecim ,Poland.

The SS who commanded the camp were Rudolph Höss, Arthur Liebehenschel, and Richard Baer. They controlled all of the camps that were in Auchwitz witch all 3 camps promoted forced labor and incinerating prisoners, one was even a killing center for a period of time.

The three pictures above this are the three camps that were in Auchwitz during world war 2. And estimated 2.1 million people died in Auchwitz, 1.1 from gas and 1 million from gun shot or by motor vehicles. 6000 died per day because of the number of gas chambers they had in each camp. Liberation didn't come till January 27, 1945.
During the time of Auchwitz, there were diffrent ways to kill people instead of just gas or guns, there were also medical experiments to further there belief that there was a mater race. This included experiments such as Dr Mengele's twin experiments, testing gases and weapons, and even extremely cases of freezing conditions.

Auchwitz was created because the nazis wanted to creat genocide on various groups of people but mainly Jews. There were also homosexuals, polls, tons of nationalities and religions.