It was a tremendous month for the Blackstones Team! It was the launch period of several incredible new stylists and WOW did you amaze us with how your chose to start your businesses! Major kudos to Tina Van Dusen, Karen Schmelzer, Monica Moreno, Tamara Sales, and Jennie Howell for inspiring us with your tenacity to reach your goals of your first 30 days. Your actions and your brilliance will only bring you more greatness in the rest of your JumpStart!

It was the first month in our team's history where we had a 3 promotions! They all occurred due to a ton of good ol' fashioned hard work, major effort, and lots and lots of coaching via phone, text, and email! Shanna Peuse promoted to Lead Stylist due to her fab coaching with Tamara Salas and Tamara's stellar launch. Marla Johnson and team - Tina Van Dusen, Andrea Verdon, Brandy Perez, Monica Moreno, and Ginny Billman became the FIRST Star Stylist Team on the Blackstones! And because of Marla's team promotion and all of our Blackstones Team sales combined, WE became an ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR TEAM in MAY! I cannot wait to attend Director's Day at Hoopla so I can best help all of you to reach your business goals! THANK YOU for all that you did to make this huge promotion take place!

Last but not least, congrats to Marla for earning Level 3 of the Glam Getaway Incentive! This girl worked her booty off to rack up some INCREDIBLE sales every month since Mid December. She also shared the opportunity and supported many of you in launching your own strong personal businesses. As a reward for all of her phenomenal work, Stella & Dot is gifting her an all expense paid trip to Puerto Vallarta! It has to be mentioned that this was not something that just fell into her lap. It was done with intention, extremely strategic planning, and a whole lotta action. This is how she rolls ALWAYS - so it was no surprise that she made it happen with a month left to spare in the incentive period. I cannot wait to share this trip with you, Marla! PV, here we come!

TOP SALES for MAY 2013

Sell $500 in retail = QUALIFIED for the month (earn 5% of your PCV in Free Business Supply Credits)

Sell $2308+ in retail (1500PCV) = Earn 30% commission instead of 25% (5% end of month volume rebate)

Sell $5000+ in sales = STELLAR SELLER BONUS (Earn $100 in FPC at the end of the month)

1. Jenn Indra $6,9282
2. Marla Johnson $6,654
3. Tina Van Dusen $3,439
4. Karen Schmelzer $2,241
5. Shanna Peuse $2,051
6. Lani Bass $1,784
7. Cati Young $1,557
8. Angela Castillo $1,375
9. Wendy Harvey $1,210
10. Andrea Verdon $1,097
11. Michelle Kloss $1,091
12. Laura Karnowski $831
13. Patricia Hidalgo $813
14. Jennie Howell $810
15. Tamara Salas $789
16. Monica Moreno $777
17. Brandy Perez $754
18. Jessie Ordonez $619