Me and Mr. Wrong by Terri D

Sequel to Me and Mr. Right Now

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What Secrets Do You Keep From The One You Tell Everything?

is faced with an impossible choice. Give Andrew the man who deceived her a second chance or continue to explore how to take a friendship onto the next level with her childhood friend Clarence. Toni’s choice takes her on an emotional roller coaster ride. Who did she chose and how will it end? Does Toni finally find what she has been looking for?

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Sequel to Me and Mr. Right Now


Me and Mr. Right Now by author Terri D.

Me and Mr. Right Now highlights the life of one of my main characters, Toni Summerfield who appears in my previous novels Yesterday’s Lies and Today’s Truth. Toni is the type of woman that so many women can relate to. Abandoned by her father and raised by a single mother who always chose her boyfriend of the moment over her own child.

Toni looks for love in all the wrong places. She meets her soul mate, Benjamin and believes they will live happily ever after. When Benjamin the only man she allowed into her heart vanishes she is lost, alone and hurting. Me and Mr. Right Now speaks directly to every woman who has ever asked herself this question. Will I ever find my Mr. Right?

Looking for a fresh start Toni decides to move to a new city hoping to leave her painful past behind her. Me and Mr. Right Now takes you through Toni’s adventures and relationship challenges as she navigates through healing from her past and preparing for her future. It will make you laugh and cry as the story unfolds and Toni shares her innermost feelings with you through her journal entries.

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Excerpt: Me and Mr. Right Now by author Terri D.

Abandoned by the only man she’s ever loved when she needed him the most. Toni Summerfield makes a decision that will haunt her for the rest of her life. She’s lost, alone and hurting. She decides to try a new city and a new job. Is this the fresh start she’s been looking for or will pain and sorrow follow her. When she meets Andrew could her search for Mr. Right be over or does she find herself dealing with another Mr. Right Now?

Dear Journal,
Here I sit trying to fight back tears because I am so lost. I do not know how to go on living this way. Keeping all of this hurt and pain bottled up inside of me. It’s becoming unbearable, something has to change. I have been lying around sleeping and crying for weeks now. I am so close to a mental breakdown it’s scary, or maybe I am in the middle of it now, who knows. I feel like I am in the middle of this inner struggle part of me wants to breakdown curl up in a corner and continue to cry like a baby. The other part wants to be strong, rise above it all and become a successful professional woman, marry my soul mate and have a family.

Maybe that’s my problem I can’t determine how to define success anymore. What does success mean to me? Today success is getting through this day without breaking down. Yesterday success meant handling it all myself. Not worrying about controlling other people but doing what I needed to get the things I wanted done. A year ago success meant graduating from college, marrying my soul mate and starting a family.

Well I did graduate from college so I can cross that one off of my list. Marrying my soul mate, well it seems that’s not going to happen and as for starting a family well I technically did start one but I guess you can say I didn’t finish it. I wasn’t quite ready to embark on that adventure without my soul mate by my side so I did what I had to do. It’s been a month and I’m still asking myself if I did the right thing? No one to talk to about it since no one knows but me, God and the people at the hospital where I left my baby.

I don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy. There is a child out there somewhere who will one day learn that they were adopted and they will wonder why their parents gave them up. How could I ever face my child and tell them why? The reason makes sense to me the parent but the children always feel abandoned, like they were not wanted or good enough to be kept. It’s sort of how I feel right now myself. Why did Benjamin abandon me? Wasn’t I good enough? Didn’t he love me enough to know that we could make it through any challenge we were faced with?

( Continued .....! )

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Terri D. is a long-term transplant resident of Harrisburg, PA. She is a single mother of three who has written poetry and short stories all of her life. Her children have always been her inspiration to push to get to the next level. She writes as a way to express herself and to document her inner most feelings.

Terri D. published her debut novel titled Yesterday’s Lies in 2011 and her second novel Today’s Truth was released in the Spring of 2012. For more information about Terri D. please visit her website at: or visit her fan page on Facebook: