Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Navaya Mouw

Sammy Davis Jr's. Story

Sammy is an all star singer, dancer, and actor who has performed in many shows. Sammy was born December 8, 1925, in New York City to a star and dancer. Just at 3 years of age he had started to go on stage. Growing up Sammy made 2 records enough to give him a head line in Los Vegas and New York. During World War ll, Sammy served in the entertainment center, while doing that he discovered predigest was always prevalent, when he sang and danced it became more and more less. After World War ll Sammy returned to his showbiz career.

In November, 1954 Sammy almost died in a car accident, he shattered his face and messed up his left eye. A while after his face and eye healed Sammy go married in 1960 to May Brit and they had a girl together and then in their 8 year marriage they adopted 2 boys. Sammy had also performed in the rat pack movies and then in 1970 Sammy married again to a dancer.

Sammy had mainly performed on the casino circuit, and then he had performed a tap dance in a film. On May 16, 1990 Sammy had died at age 64 from cancer in Beverly Hills, California, Sammy was a big smoker and that's what caused him to die.