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Brain Jack By Brian Falkner

Today on Forney news we will be talking about the amazing book brain jack, with other announcements from our sponsors.

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Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is a science fiction novel. In Las Vegas, teenager hacker; Sam Wilson, is walking the streets after "Vegas", a huge virus taking over servers all across Vegas. Sam then is hired into the c.d.d (cyber defense division) to help fight "Vegas." Then mysteriously, one of his comrads suffers a mental breakdown. Sam and his companion, dodge, are hot on the culprits trail. But then, dodge becomes a victim of the culprits attack, and Sam blames himself. With the help of a friend they set out to find this unknown attacker, but will he have to much power?

Main Characters

-Sam Wilson


-Vienna Smith


Science Fiction


Las Vegas
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Brian Falkner

Commentary Section

Dear Kaleigh,

I failed my history quiz and I don't want to tell my mom because I got a 42 on it, what should I do.

Dear unknown,

Just tell her the truth because if she finds out a different way she will be even more mad that you lied to her, just be truthful.

Dear Kaleigh,

My boyfriend broke up with me for another girl and I'm upset what do I do.

Dear unknown,

Just forget about him and move on to the next guy. Don't let him think you miss him.

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Newspaper article written by Kaleigh McHale

13 yrs old

8th grade