Henry Hudson

by Brianna G.

Hudson Gets Hired

Henry Hudson was hired by the Muscovy Company, an English trading firm to find a northern ice free sea route to Asia. The Muscovy Company believed that a ship could reach Asia by sailing north, northwest, or northeast. They also believed that Hudson was the right man for the job. The trading firm thought that such a route would be shorter than any other route. But what they did not know was that ice blocked most of the area that Hudson was to explore. So, in 1607, Henry Hudson set out for Asia with his son, John Hudson and a crew of about 10 men.

Searching the North

Hudson and his crew sailed northeast along the coast of Greenland and reached Spitsbergen. These islands were only 700 miles from the north pole and no explorer had ever dared sail there before. And, because it was so close to the north pole, there was a lot of ice. Unfortunately, because of this ice, Hudson was forced to sail back to England. But, he had found whales where he had sailed, which led to the English and Dutch whaling near Spitsbergen for many years. In 1608 Hudson tried once more to find a northern route to Asia, but once again ice blocked his ship, the Hopewell. Unfortunately, after that voyage, The Muscovy Company lost interest in further exploration and fired Hudson. But, in 1609 The Dutch East India Company hired Hudson to lead an expedition. They gave him his own ship, The Half Moon, and a crew of about 20 men. Hudson again sailed northeast, but because of the cold and bad weather he changed his route to North America. He started sailing down the east coast. Unfortunately, the men were forced to spend the winter in James Bay. There they suffered from cold, hunger, and disease.


In the spring of 1611, Hudson intended to find a western outlet from James Bay.

But, the crew mutinied and and set Hudson , his son, and seven loyal crewman aboard a small rowboat with no food, water, or blankets. They were never seen from or heard from again. They most likely died from thirst, hunger, and cold.

His Legacy Lives On

Today, we honor Henry Hudson because of his discoveries, which include the Hudson River, the Hudson Strait, and the Hudson Bay. His discoveries have changed North America.
Henry Hudson - Mini Biography