Attachment and Comfort Contact

February 19, 2016

Module 3 grace period and 2nd attempts at Module 3 Test End Monday February 22, 2016

You will be tested on Module 4 and it will also close on February 26, 2016

#1. Complete the Biological Development practice quiz.

#2. Complete the Biological Development assignment. In this assignment you will analyze attachment styles. Make sure to read directions carefully and use content from the lesson to support your thoughts and answers.

#3. Sometimes we need more time on certain topics. The Take Two section is optional but is a great form of review if you struggled with any concepts from the lesson. Use this section to refresh and relearn the material.

Attachment theory in a nutshell - Robin Balbernie
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Comfort Contact

harlow contact comfort

Great job Abigail on you 100 on the Module 3 Test!

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