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Return to Learn August 14th, 2020

Updates August 14th

Dear Familes,

I have updated this plan to meet the most recent changes. You will find these changes in BOLD. Thanks!

Dear FMS Families,

Below you will find the FMS Return to Learn Plan. This plan is a compilation of many weeks of planning with our district principal team and FMS staff. We have also utilized the information from the family surveys that you completed earlier in the summer.

This is a plan specifically for Covid-19. We will begin the year more restricted, and make adjustments as appropriate. Our goal is to be able to stay in attendance, in person. Thank you in advance for all the sacrifices that everyone is making in order to best socially distance and provide sanitation.

As a mom and as an educator, I want you to know that this plan was not easy to complete. It has been very difficult to make a schedule and building procedures that are so different than our norm. School is going to look different. However, we are committed to continue to make FMS a place that relationships are first and that learning can happen, even if it looks different. It's PEOPLE not plans that make up the positive culture of a school.

Two traits that I will use as my compass this year are patience and grace. I'm hoping you can join me in extending these to our educators as well. It is going to be a year of so many unknowns and much recalibration. Be mindful of how you speak about back to school to your kids at home. Your amazing example at home makes such a difference at school.

If you have questions, please reach out. If you have suggestions, please reach out. If you have frustrations, please reach out. If you have celebrations, please reach out. I have one big favor to ask, please extend that patience and grace when you do. I know that together, we can do this!

Back to School Info

  • Open House-will be done virtually and shared August 21st.
  • 6th Grade Hornet Camp-we will have a special video for incoming 6th graders
  • We will take time the first three days of school to provide the traditional Hornet Camp items and open house orientation for all students.
  • Ms. Hogan and I will finish 6th grade visits in the next two weeks.
  • Stuco will be selling Hornet drawstring bags for $5 and Hornet water bottles for $3 in a variety of colors. You can purchase them when school starts or we will offer a drive through store on August 19th from 10-6 in the parking lot by the teacher entrance.

Thank you again for all you do! Have a wonderful weekend!


Beth Houf

#FultonProud. #TogetherWeCan

FMS Return to Learn Plan

Mission/Our Why:

Our mission is to provide a safe setting for students and staff utilizing reasonable social distancing and sanitation protocols

Fulton Public Schools Plan

Our Covid-19 Schedule

FMS has adopted a block schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year. This schedule was developed to support the district’s plan due to COVID-19 concerns.

  • Less passing periods per day

  • Allows for 6 lunch shifts

This means students will go to their first period class every single day for advisory and then on Fulton (odd) days they will go 3, 5, 7, 9 (blocked for two periods) and on Hornet (even) days they will have 2, 4, 6, 8 periods blocked. (see visual below)

We are also working hard to create student cohort groups, which will minimize contact throughout the day. These groups of students to travel together throughout the day as much as possible.

Visual Schedule

Big picture

Lunch Schedule

Big picture

Sample Student Schedule

Big picture

Universal Precautions

Social Distancing

  • Individual partition for each student to use throughout the day

  • Reminders from staff in common areas


  • Have Hand Sanitizer Readily Available (Building Entrances, Hallways, Cafeterias, Buses, Offices)

  • Additional Sneeze Guards

  • Limit visitors to buildings

  • Masks/face coverings will be required for all students and staff unless a 6 foot social distance can be maintained. The district plan has specifics on masks/face coverings.

  • Drinking fountains will be used for bottle filling only (please remind your student to bring a bottle to school)

*Any of these protocols could be modified as needs and mandates change.


Social Distancing

  • 7:20 School Doors Opened

    • All students will enter through the main door

    • Each Grade Level Cohort will go to a designated area in the building

    • Stagger dismissal from buses to limit congestion

  • 7:35 will begin staggering dismissal to first hour

  • 7:35-8:13-1st hour teachers will stagger locker usage to put away and get materials

  • Drawstring backpacks to use throughout the day

On the first day of school, students will go directly to first hour when they get to school.


  • Hand sanitizer available in all areas

  • Common areas will need to be sanitized after the 1st hour begins.


Social Distancing

  • Teachers will take students to lockers to pack up during the 8th or 9th hour block so that there is not congestion at the end of the day.

  • Buses will be dismissed over the intercom in shifts and will leave the building through designated doors.

  • Car rider/walkers will be dismissed at the second bell


  • Custodial staff will sanitize all rooms after school

  • Custodial staff will sanitize all common areas after school and activities


Social Distancing

  • When classes are using their lockers with their first hour teacher, they will have the chance to pick up a grab and go breakfast to eat in the classroom. Breakfast is still free for all students.


  • Additional sanitation supplies will be available to clean classrooms after breakfast

  • Follow food services guidelines

  • Sanitize classroom areas after eating

  • Sanitize hands after eating


Social Distancing

  • Students will eat in the cafeteria by grade level

  • Additional lunch shifts have been added, 2 shifts per grade level

  • 4 chairs per table

  • Consistent seating by class

  • Additional seating available in a designated quiet room

  • Individual plastic tri-fold partition for each student


  • Follow food services guidelines

  • Wash hands before eating

  • Disable fingerprint scanner

  • Additional cleaning time added to each lunch shift


Social Distancing

  • Stagger hallway usage so not all students are in the hallways at the same time

  • Stagger lockers by first hour teacher

  • Students are strongly encouraged to please use masks during time in the hallway

  • Block schedule will limit number of passing periods

  • Bells will not ring throughout the days. Teachers will work in grade levels to move students from class to class


  • Every hallway will have a wall mounted hand sanitizer

  • Sanitize after each passing period

  • Custodians will sanitize common areas throughout the day

Physical Education

Social Distancing

  • Separate classes will meet in separate areas: pole barn, gym, balcony or health room.

  • Students will not dress out or enter the locker room for any reason other than to use the restroom in a social distance manner.

  • Whenever possible classes will go outside for activity. We will follow the same weather protocols that elementary recess and athletics follow.

  • Activities will be limited to social distance guidelines meaning materials will not be shared and social distance will be kept as much as possible. This limits us to things like fitness activities and some individual sports. Very few team sports will be options if we have to maintain social distance.

  • Face coverings will be worn unless social distancing can be maintained or strenuous activity is taking place, classes will take place outside as much as possible.

  • Locker rooms will be sanitized after each use

  • Equipment regularly sanitized by teachers and custodians

Students will need to be prepared, with appropriate outerwear, to go outside for PE unless:

• it is raining.

• the temperature or wind chill is 15 degrees or lower.

• there are dangerous conditions such as ice, snow, powerful winds, etc.

Band/Choir/Arts Alive

Social Distancing

  • Follow MSHSAA/health department guidelines.

  • Spacing between students

  • Performing will only happen in designated areas with designated protocols (see below)


  • Sanitize instruments regularly

  • Continual updates from music department

  • Band-masks should be worn unless playing instruments, classes will take place outside as much as possible

  • Choir-students will sing in masks indoors, students can sing outdoors without masks if social distancing (6 feet) can be maintained, classes will take place outside as much as possible


Social Distancing

  • Spacing of students throughout the classroom

  • Individual plastic tri-fold partition for each student

  • Sanitizing for materials that MUST be shared with classes

  • Rotation of supplies


Social Distancing

  • Remote lessons to classrooms

  • Stagger checking out of books


  • Books will sit for 48 hours before being put back into circulation


Social Distancing

  • Spacing of students throughout the classroom

  • Individual plastic tri-fold partition for each student

  • Extra sanitizing (wipes at computers)

  • Have students use Chromebooks unless the program can only be used on the desktop

  • Built in time for sanitation

All Classrooms

Social Distancing

  • Spacing of students throughout the classroom

  • Smaller classes in smaller rooms

  • Addition of desks as needed to space out students

  • Individual plastic tri-fold partition for each student


  • Additional sanitation throughout the day

  • Minimized shared supplies, students will carry supplies in box/zipper pouch

  • Sanitize hands as coming in each class

  • Doors propped, not using handles as much as possible

  • Use spray formula provided by school

  • Each room will have their own, refillable hand sanitizer

  • Classroom sinks, where available, will be utilized to wash hands

Special Education Classrooms

Social Distancing

  • Space out as much as possible

  • Utilize a classroom when working with a bigger group

  • Individual plastic tri-fold partition for each student

  • Additional supplies and materials that are student specific

  • Same as classroom (above)


Social Distancing
  • Specific restrooms for grade levels

  • Scheduled restroom breaks


  • Follow district guidelines


Social Distancing and Sanitation
  • Google Meet at this time until less restrictions

FAQs Updated 8-10-20

How will I access open house?

Each school will create an open house video and upload it to a link for all to access.

How will my middle schooler get their schedule?

There will be two ways to get your schedule:

1. You can go on the parent portal on August 19th and look it up. (we are working to create a video tutorial now before then to help with directions)

2. You can pick it up when Stuco sells water bottles and drawstring bags on August 19th from 10-6pm. (drive through in the parking lot, you don't have to purchase anything to get your schedule:)

How will my middle schooler get oriented to the building and schedule?

I know this is a stressful one! We will spend the first three days on orientation so that everyone has time to learn their schedule, locker and new procedures. We will also do specific tours in our videos to help ease the unknown as well.

Can parents come in the building?

Yes, parents are able to come in the front area. This is how you can drop off items that may be forgotten at home, medicine, etc.

Per the FPS Return to Learn Plan

In order to minimize the exposure of all students and staff to others outside of their assigned small groups, non-essential visitors and parents will not be permitted beyond the secure vestibules or entrances at school buildings. Due to these restrictions, traditional Open House events will not be held at schools this fall.

How do I drop off medicine?

The front office will get you taken care of!

How will they know how to get to their bus at the end of the day?

We will send a map of where buses park and go over it with kids during the last block on the first few days of school.

What about sports? (only 7-8 grade)

All practices begin August 17th from 3:30-5:30. You will need proof of physical. You can get forms here:

Also coaching information is here:

I signed up for Launch, can my child play sports?

Yes, just need the physical before practicing.

I signed up for Launch, what about clubs?

Student council and FMS Ambassadors are limited to in person students only this year due to their events happening during the school day.

All other clubs that meet this year are open to virtual learners.

Congratulations! You Made It!