Caldwell School District Update

From Superintendent N. Shalene French

November 10, 2020

Staying in hybrid until Thanksgiving Break

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Caldwell families

We are monitoring the spread of COVID in our community and meeting regularly with Southwest District Health Department representatives as we decide our next steps as alert levels in Canyon County have shifted from “orange” to “red.”

Thank each of you who took the time and care to share your feedback in our recent surveys. You may review the results here:

Monday, the Board of Trustees and I discussed what to do as conditions change. Our plan is to keep our schools open in the current hybrid level through Friday, Nov. 20. The next week will be Thanksgiving break.

The Board will meet again Thursday, Nov. 19 to make a decision about how to proceed after the Thanksgiving break. We will ask all students to make sure to take their devices home should we need to shift to remote learning. ***Update: The Board meeting was changed to Wednesday, Nov. 18.***

While our plan is to stay open until the Thanksgiving break, we are seeing the spread of the virus impact our schools and classes as evidenced by the recent short-term closures of Caldwell High School, Lewis and Clark Elementary School, and recent quarantine of entire classrooms because of potential exposure.

Finally, our staff and students are doing a great job following the advice of medical and health experts -- washing hands, wearing masks, and keeping physically distanced -- we need our community to also embrace these measures to reduce the spread of the virus outside of our school walls. Please wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep physically distanced. This will help us to continue operating in-person learning and it will support our health care professionals who are working tirelessly to provide quality services for our families and our neighbors.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Dr. N. Shalene French, Caldwell Superintendent

Tracking positive COVID cases in our schools

We also are reporting positive COVID cases each week and posting them on our website:

Superintendent N. Shalene French

Committed to Caldwell School District's mission, vision, and values to ensure equity and access for all students.