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Spreading JOY ....

Greetings to all,

Happy Spring. Yes, I still have a CHRISTMAS JOY image header; I just can't remove the JOY!

For custom images, to illustrate your next book, or purchasing existing images for use just email me at cerealmom@gmail.com.

I'm happy to work with you to meet your graphic arts needs.

More images at @woodard_julie in Media. Feel free to find an image you like!

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Opportunities to Collaborate

As an illustrator for authors and speakers, I've had some fabulous opportunities to collaborate and create for both insde the book and on some book covers! I love working with authors to provide the illustrations they need to make their work just perfect!
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A Passion for Kindness by Tamara Letter

A fantabulous book by Tamara Letter on living and learning with Kindness was released by DBC, Publishing, Inc. on February 14th. This book is already beginning a Kindness Renaissance. Thankfully, I was able to be a small part of this book through the inclusion of a few of my images. I'm honored to be even a teeny part of this wonderful book already impacting our world.


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Honored to be able to share another new publication ....

Hacking School Learning my Nathan Maynard and Brad Weinstein is a phenomenal resource for those wanting to move their campus from punishment to repairing harm. Restorative justice tips, tools and techniques make this an amazing resource to be enjoyed. Released in March, this is new source is a real gem.


Hacking School Questions is a stupendous new book just recently released. Look for it as well to grow your thinking and questioning skills.

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Thank you to Heinemann Publishing ...and Ink & Ideas by Tanny McGregor

Heinemann Publishing has released a new publication entitled ink & IDEAS by Tanny McGregor in which Sketchnoting is shared, explained, and celebrated.

I am humbled and honored to be just a small part of this current publication being cited as a Sketchnoter to Follow. Thank you so much to Tanny and to Heinemann for celebrating sketchnoting as a truly valuable learning tool for making thinking visible and meaningful. Released in November of 2018, this book is a wealth of support for those wanting to add visual thinking and learning to their world.


To Request Custom Sketchnotes for marketing, for presentation, for schools or business

Easy: if you would like a CUSTOM NOTE image for only your use

DM me VIA Twitter with your request attaching email address

MOST custom notes are $150.00. Discounts apply to bulk custom notes.

Payment for completed note is due with completion of completed note.

Custom note purchasers receive a JPG, PDF, and exclusive rights to the note.

Samples of Custom Images

These images belong to their owner can not be purchased as PDFs. These are samples of images created for education professionals for assorted private use.
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A little about me .... @woodard_julie

I am an educator who has enjoyed teaching in Texas Public Education for about the last 20 years. My recent role as an edudoodler, sketchnoter, or edugraphic artist, has literally opened my world beyond my imagination. I’m now globally connected in new ways with authors, speakers, presenters, and educators in various positions sharing, requesting, and using the images I create.

I hope to continue to share images and information in a way that lifts, supports, and encourages educators as we all work collectively to empower and inspire our students toward greatness. If we go beyond connecting to collaborating, I believe we can reach our students in truly amazing and meaningful ways.

As a consultant with Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC, I am happy to speak, present, or share at your event or conference. Additionally, I can attend your conference or event as a Sketchnoter providing original notes designed on site. Learn more about Pushing Boundaries Consulting at www.pushboundconsulting.com

I am honored to have participated two PUSH BOUNDARIES books... and look forward to more collaboration.

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To purchase a PDF image for your use in publications, presentations, newsletters, or on products like banners, posters, calendars, totes, mugs....

Easy: if you would like a PDF of any image for your use

DM me VIA Twitter with your email address and name of image you like

Send $10.00 to Julie Woodard

I will email you a HIGH QUALITY PDF of your selected image.

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Encouragement and Support

See @woodard_julie on Twitter for more images

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Tools for Student Success

This fun assortment SET supports learning and students.
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Technology Times Fun SET

This SET of goofy and helpful technology posters has some fun with our technology needs. PS. #neverpanic Set of images is $12.

To request I attend your event as a live sketchnoter for a conference, or session...

Easy: if you would like a LIVE SKETCHNOTER at your event

DM me via Twitter with your request attaching email address

For conferences and sessions, the host would typically receive about 4-6 custom notes created from the event sessions - fee is negotiated per event

Transportation and Lodging to-from event paid by customer

For Live Sketchnote events the host event receives JPGs, PDFs, and exclusive rights to all event images

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