By: Nick Mulholland & Brock Cary


  • Moonshot baseballs are designed to go farther than a regular baseball
  • The special core of the Moonshot baseball is designed to increase velocity off the bat
  • Another feature is the glow in the dark laces
  • People would buy this product to have more pleasure in hitting a baseball

Market Research

  • Targeted audience-Kids, coaches, teenagers (We thought this would be our targetted audienece because they would use the baseball the most; such as kids would buy it because we know they would like to hit a baseball farther and possibly a home run)
  • Competitors-Nite Brite and OGLO Sports because they sell glow in the dark sports items
  • Minimum required age of usage would be nine years old because they have a better knowledge of the usage of the ball


  • We plan on selling our product on the internet or local sports stores
  • Price-$13.99 (depending on the products failure or success, the price could vary either up or down)


  • Moonshot not only can travel farther, but it is also harder to field because of it's velocity
  • Moonshot provides a good way to have fun