By: Evan Spirt


Argentina's capital is Buenos Aries. Some of the major cites are Coddoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Sam Miguel de Tucuman.


Argentina was controlled by Spain from 1500, when the Spanish colonized Argentina to July 9, 1816 when Argentina declared independence. Argentina gained independence from the revolution against Spain. Since the Spanish controlled Argentina, their official language is Spanish.


The Argentina flag is blue with a white strip in the middle. In the center of the flag there is a Sun of May, which is an Incan symbol with 32 alternating flaming and straight rays. The blue and white strips are symbolizing the clear skies and snow in the Andes mountains.


Argentina is in Southern South America next to Chilie. Some physical features are Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, and Las Pampas.

Politics and Economy

In Argentina they have a Republic with a newly elected President Mauricio Macri. Their currency is Pesos which are worth .07 US dollars. They have a capitalist economic system.


People should visit Argentina because of the beautiful cities, rivers, and mountains. Some of these cities include Buenos Aries, Puerto Iguazu, Ushuaia, Villa Carlos Paz, Salta and Mar del Plata.

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Interesting Facts

  1. One of the best soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi, is from Argentina.
  2. Argentina’s president works in la Casa Rosada (the Pink House), which is named for its brightly painted pink exterior (Pictured).
  3. Argentines traditionally have eaten more beef per capita than any other people in the world.

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