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Mrs. Roberts cooks up a 'book tasting'!

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Middle school is lined up to go back in and look at our view!

What a fun-filled week! We have all had the greatest time, and I am sure are all very tired!

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Back to School BBQ prize winners!

Back to School BBQ Takeaways:

  • It was hot, and we need shade!
  • Families would like to be able to go into the classrooms to meet the teachers and then enjoy time outside to visit with other families.
  • We will serve hamburgers next year.
  • Inviting the Paonia K-8 freshman to join and visit with their past teachers could be fun.
  • What else?
  • Let me know here: PK8 Back to School BBQ Family Feedback Form 2022
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Drum Competition at the assembly

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Mrs. Baldwin was tricked with a "present" that had the number pi in it! 8th grade David Audelo-Garcia got to do the honors of the pie in the face!

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Summer BINGO due Wednesday, August 24!

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All staff member names and photos can be found on our PK8 Website: https://pk8.deltaschools.com/staff

These photos will be updated after our school picture day (September 7).

Emily Peters

Emily is student teaching with Mrs. Cox in 3rd grade.

"Many of you have seen me at the school over the past 2 years as a substitute teacher in different classes. This year, I am taking on a new role as a student teacher in third grade with Mrs. Cox. I am excited about this opportunity to learn and grow in my teaching profession. I am also serving as the secretary on the PPO."

Jinny West-Morga

Jinny is one of our classroom paras.

"I’m expecting my first baby. Our baby is a girl! Most of my in-laws are in education. I look forward to an amazing school year!"

Eileen Stewart

Mrs. Stewart returns to us this year for some 5th grade and 6th grade classes!

"I love everything associated with water, like fishing, swimming, and eating seafood; I write stories for the sheer joy of it."

Ashley Pitcher

Ashley will be at PK8 as a 1-1 student aide.

"I love being a mom to Dillon and Myla, and I enjoy gardening."

Galina Miller

Galina is our preschool classroom aide.

"I have four children and we are a school family-my husband, Mike is the Janitor, Kaylynne is in 6th grade, LilahMarie in 5th, Aleisah in 3rd, and Qwenton in 1st. I have a spoiled cat and a goofy dog!!"
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Sense of Belonging

A primary focus of Paonia K-8 is to create a sense of belonging for all students in all grade levels. A framework that we use in our intermediate through middle school grades (5th-8th grade) is a process of redirects and the Discovery program. This is a curriculum devoted to an established program that teaches mutual respect, sensitivity of needs, faith in student potential for learning, and high expectations for change and improvement. We are committed to helping students develop the life skills and awareness they need to survive and succeed. Our middle school students (6th-8th) cover units on Effective Groups, Anger Management, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Training, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution.

A way that we communicate and hold each other accountable to treating everyone with dignity and respect is through redirects. Redirects are a communication process in which students are encouraged and supported to recognize and then self-advocate for their needs and identify the way in which they are not communicating in a manner that is appropriate.

This communication is centered on the 6Ps (Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Positive Mental Attitude, Participate, and Produce) and 5As (Appropriate Body Language, Appropriate Eye Contact, Appropriate Feedback, Ask Clarifying Questions, and Actively Engaged). The 6Ps are the behaviors we expect, and the 5As are the “attending” skills we want to see in the classroom.

Grade levels complete culminating end-of-year projects as a team.

6th Grade - Discovery Video

7th Grade - Wall Quote

8th Grade - Class Quilt

Discovery/Homeroom Teachers

6th grade is Mr. Bushta

7th grade is Mrs. Casey and Mr. Eyler

8th grade is Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Frazier.

Let's hear an explanation of our Discovery and redirect process in our student interviews from last year.

Great work to our last year's 6th graders as the interviewers and last year's 8th graders as the interviews!

Watch this video to learn more

We heard feedback from the students and shifted from the tests in 7th and 8th grade and created scenario/opinions-based quizzes. Thank you for your feedback students!
Discovery Interviews/Explanation
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The bar graphs below show the percentage of PK8 students who met or exceeded their grade level expectation on the CMAS assessment compared to the Delta County School District Average and the Colorado state average.

The positive effort of EVERY staff member, student, volunteer, family member, and community member goes into our students' needs being met and them being able to learn and then perform at their best.

Thank you for your continued support in your child's attendance, teacher communication, and of our school in general. Go PK8 Eagles! SOARING with PRIDE and HEART!

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Monday, September 5

Labor Day - No School
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BOND for new safety entrance at Paonia K-8 and other schools.

The School Board is considering a no-tax increase bond proposal for the upcoming November 2022 ballot

The current School bond was passed by voters in 2002 and will be paid off in 2023. We are looking for community input as the district considers a NO-TAX INCREASE bond proposal for the upcoming November 2022 ballot. The proposed extension will result in a ZERO DOLLAR increase to be used exclusively on capital projects and will be paid off over a 25-year period. The School Board feels strongly about prioritizing safety-building improvements throughout our district. The funds generated upon approval of this no-increase bond renewal will continue to provide safe and secure facilities for many years.

BOND COMMUNITY SURVEY: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/PRCsgN

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Meal Prices


Elementary PK-5: $1.70

Middle 6-8: $1.90

High 9-12: $1.90

Adult w/milk: $3.50

Reduced/Free: No Cost

Milk: $0.75


Elementary PK-5: $3.05

Middle 6-8: $3.10

High 9-12: $3.25

Adult w/milk: $4.25

Reduced/Free: No Cost

Milk: $0.75

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School Lunch 2022-2023

Our Title 1 funding is determined by a qualifying free/reduced lunch percentages.

Even if you do not plan to eat school lunch, please apply so that we have accurate data reported in order to qualify for the appropriate amount of school funding.

PLEASE fill out the district's free and reduced price lunch application:


The PK8 Title 1 funds pay for homework club, childcare for PPO meetings, academic support staff, and much more!

This year, we do not have the Title 1 funds to support these activities due to families not applying for free/reduced lunches.

We appreciate the accurate information so that we can appropriately fund the support programs that help make our school incredible!

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Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal